It’s better for Muslims to go for Muslim counseling for marriage advice – find out why

Trying to choose the right therapist can become quite nerve wrecking when it comes to finding someone who acknowledges your religious values and cultural differences. As a Muslim, marriage counseling means staying within the teachings of Islam and try to work things out with your partner according to them. This is where Muslim counseling comes in hand. Following are the reasons that you should go for Muslim counseling for the betterment of your marital life.

A therapist in Muslim counseling can assess your religious boundaries and values

Sometimes in a marriage, both the partners hold religious values on an equal standard but there are times when one of the partners has higher religious interests while the other one is completely opposite. These issues can lead to divorce at times if both of the partners do not seek divorce counseling from a Muslim counselor. A therapist in this case can evaluate what
level your mutual and individual religious values are at and advice you according to your temperament.

A good therapist always understands your cultural differences when it comes to Muslim counseling

There are so many similarities and differences in Muslim and American cultures. There are things like sexual abuse and adultery that are not acceptable in both the cultures and religions. But then there are some Muslim values that only Muslims have in their culture. Trying to explain those values to someone who has no idea about the Muslim counseling can cause depression and anxiety thus, it is important that you go with someone who is well aware of your background and it would be even better if you go for something like Muslim counseling by Madiha haroon and a therapist who is from a Muslim background as well.

Muslim counseling is always open for requests

Talking about therapists who do not offer Muslim counseling can be difficult as they will be providing you suggestions about seeing other people if you are going towards a divorce which is not acceptable in Islam. A Muslim therapist always has a room open for requests because they understand the limitations set on people by the religion and the boundaries that they are not allowed to cross. You are welcome to put down your needs and suggestions during Muslim counseling and they will be well considered.